Why Choose Residential Window Film?

Many homeowners have no idea that there is an affordable and simple solution to the damage that the sun’s rays can cause to their furniture, carpets and artwork. Instead of buying expensive drapes or window blinds you can have film installed quickly and easily, providing superior protection while still allowing you a full view from your windows.

Choose window film if you want to:

» Control fading of home furnishings, carpets and artwork
» Increase comfort through the reduction of excessive heat and glare
» Lower energy costs by rejecting up to 80% of excessive solar heat
» Provide extra protection by strengthening the glass
» Filter out 99% of ultraviolet rays (both A and B)

Save money and the planet!

There are many different choices available with the colors and tints of the film, so please call 650-728-7097 for a free consultation. We evaluate the conditions in your home, determine if window film is appropriate, assist with film selection, measure, and provide exact pricing. Our customers are always very pleased with the degree of protection provided by a relatively transparent window film.