Window Film for Commercial Buildings

Installing window film in a commercial property is done for many reasons. One of the most compelling uses of film for a business is in the display of the company logo or other graphics in eye-catching heavily trafficked areas. The possibilities for creative advertizing are endless and we are happy to consult with you on the creative potentials. Take a look at our portfolio to get some ideas!

In addition, window film can be used to your business from vandalism and theft, and reduce energy costs. High performance window films control many of the issues associated with the physical characteristics of glass.

» Glass is extremely porous – a notorious energy waster
» Glass is brittle and can severely injure and damage property when broken

High performance window films have several benefits:

» Temperature imbalances ( hot and cold spots)
» Reduction of heating and cooling bills
» Protection from personal injury and property damages from weather related, blast, or other breakage
» Fade Control
» View Retention
» Elimination of vandalism and theft (use of security and graffiti film)
» Control glare – CRT / monitor
» Retain building design and look
» Eliminate a disorderly look to passers-by (translucent or opaque applications)
» Ensure distortion free views and occupant privacy

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